Saturday, January 30, 2016.

On the way to Almere. The place where Yachting Comany Muiderzand is located. Slightly tired and hung over. Grey skies. But no rain…

I do have a walk of 15 minutes from the station to the marina. And of course it starts to dribble. But fine, so i’ll at least wake up. 100m before i reach the marina it starts pouring down. Now i’m wet 😀

Mariëlle, the agent who i was in contact with all the time, welcomes me and offeres me a cup of coffee. We have a chat and she starts showing me equippment of the boat (tiller pilot and such) that is stored in the office. Then we head out to Rêverie.

I look at every corner of the boat for about 2 hours. I’m convinced. As much as i can. Buying a boat the first time in my life. Not knowing how this works… crazy? Yes, a bit.

Mariëlle and i sit down inside the office, i sign the contract in three copies.

That’s it.

She’s mine.

Point of no return.


(Cover image: me in front of Rêverie, now mala moja)

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