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Saturday, December 26, 2015.

It’s out. The project is officially no secret any more. Three days ago i told close friends -my first crew- about it. A few weeks before that I told Evi. and my brothers. And today, at a family celebration i uncovered the plan in front of my whole family.
I felt vulnerable doing so. First i was and am scared that this might be the end of the plan. Talking about it before there is anything more than an informal OK of my bosses. Like these New Year’s resolutions that you brag about (this year i’ll be going for a run three times a week), and talking about them alone is “rewarding” your brain and you don’t have the motiviation to really do it any more (which is scientifically proven).
And second, i felt anxious about the reaction to come. So far everybody was supportive. Even my brothers, who i thought my be asking “are you sure this is a smart decision?”. But i really expected something like this from my larger family.
At least some doubt. If i’m capable. What my plan looks like. Something like it. But they reactions were purely supportive. It was great. It felt like i was the only one with doubts about the whole thing! Surreal!
And now it is on me. Carry it on. Don’t let the project die before it started!
It is and will be a long road from here. I’m just reading the book “Blauwassersegeln Kompakt” (“Blue Water Sailing Compact”) which is full with valuable information for those who plan to “go” sailing. Starting with choosing a boat, choosing a rigging, sail-setup, electrical systems, equipment on board, navigation, … It’s making me feel small, as it sketches the dimension of my plan.
But the book also holds the most valuable piece of information – which i’ve read and heard several times by now: just do it. There will never be “the right time” if you wait for it to come. If you want to be 100% prepared and ready, you will not get going.

(Cover image: me returning from a check dive to the propeller before the Cornati Cup)

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