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Dawn of departure

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015.

Often i find myself lying in bed and pondering about it. My project. Code name MM – moja mala. How to do it. When to travel. How to get a boat? What to do with it for preparation? How to clean & disinfect the water tanks? Or should i buy bottled water all the time?
I figuered that i actually don’t need a fridge that much. I hardly use mine at home – spare for cheese, eggs and drinks. Cheese can be stored in a moderately warm place as well. Drinks i don’t care about/don’t need in every day life. Eggs won’t go bad within a few days – and i don’t need them on a daily basis. Bread i should maybe try making myself.
I definitely need/want a (folding)bike on board so i can go shopping – and on tours.

In the meantime i’ve already mentioned my plan to my boss in order to talk about leaving work/office. Did not seem like a too big deal for him. The question is actually more: when do I want to go? As soon as i set a date for myself and fix it with the bosses, it is all about me. Me alone. The only true obstacle. Go! Goooo!! Don’t stop. Pause, take a look and think. And then keep on going. But. Don’t. Stop. Don’t!

This is my dream. This is what i want to do to experience.
I need a date. Six months?
April, May, June, July, August, September? Sounds like a fine plan to me. Get a boat, all ready and set in April. Maybe find & buy a boat in March. And then leave in April or beginning of May. Two months are more than enough to come into the mediterranean. One month to reach the Adriatic and i’d be there in July/August. Can travel to Greece if it fits.
Or i make a detour to the Canarian islands. If it pleases me.
BUT: GO! I am my only obstacle.
Conquer it.
Fix the date. Start in April. Start your leave in April. Three weeks in December to test working from abroad. Then three more months to improve the workflow in office (and buy a boat, probably an extended weekend to the Netherlands) and then GO!
April. April it is.
Read up on it.
Buy a boat before April, get used to it and equip it in April, get going by the end of April. May and June to get to the Mediterranean with no hurries at all.

(Cover image: boats waiting for the Cornati Cup regatta in Biograd)

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