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Friday, May 6th, 2016.

Today in the morning i was lying in the marina Ijburg (eastern part of Amsterdam) where i sailed to yesterday to visit a friend of mine, who happens to be visiting her sister in Amsterdam. Was a great sail on a great spring day.
Finally warm weather!
And sleeping with an open hatch!
Though i know that the cold will be back. But it was great to experience a first topless brunch on deck today.

Lying in marina Ijburg

Lying in marina Ijburg

A few days ago i did a first night-sail. Actually i started shortly before sunset to experience that on the water too. It was really great to have this calm sail in the night with the star sprangled sky above and waves lightly clapping against mala moja.

And just now i registered and requested activation of all my electronic safety-/backup-systems (EPIRB, PLB and SatPhone). And i have to say that mounting the PLB to the life jacked made a very uncomfortable feeling crawl into my guts. I really, really hope that i will never ever need this stuff. Ever.

(Cover image: Sunset on the first night sail with mala moja)

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